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Training Platform

Human error is the leading cause of expensive security breaches.

Through situational learning, simulations, and a gamified user experience, Cymonix strengthens the cyber awareness of employees and helps companies lower cyber risk. 

Better Cyber Learning

Cymonix awareness Training and Simulations are authentic, clean, and simply put, BETTER!  


Smart and Intuitive Reporting

Intelligent Dashboards and meaningful detail for internal review and audit compliance.    


Personalized for your Company!

Unique Training, Templates, and Curriculums can be tailored to your specific situations.


Shine a Light on the Dark Web

Mitigate the risk of stolen credentials and domain squatting to ensure cyber safety

Download Our Best Practice Guide for Cybersecurity Training

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Level 1 Support:

Security Awareness Training

Cymonix delivers Cyber Risk Reduction Training through a multidimensional approach to learning that includes traditional learning and training assets, simulations that involve live action and integration with systems, and a blend of real situations and data to ensure that these lessons and critical thinking can be practiced in the context of everyday activities.


Level 2 Support:

Phishing Simulations Services

Employees who Identify and Diffuse Phishing Emails can dramatically reduce the number one entry point of cybercriminals. With Cymonix’s Phishing Simulation Services, your employees will experience hands-on practice of Phishing Identification. 


Level 3 Support:

Dark Web Domain Alerting Services

Delivered as part of Cymonix’s DarkWeb Secure Bundle, Cymonix’s Dark Web Domain Alerting Service actively monitors your Internet domains for leading indicators of malicious activity. When Potential Threats are uncovered, Cymonix prioritizes them and alerts administrators to take action!


Level 4 Support:

DarkWeb Credential Monitoring

Delivered as part of Cymonix’s DarkWeb Secure Bundle, Cymonix’s Dark Web Credential Monitoring Services alerts users and administrators of any instances of stolen or compromised credentials found on the Dark Web.


Level 5 Support:

Password Management Bundle

Cymonix’s Security Awareness bundles can include optional Password Management Services to give Company Administrators another tool to help secure their human vulnerabilities and avoid Cyber Crime.

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