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Protect your business from the most consequential cyber threats

What We Do

Security Program Management 

We help organizations develop and maintain an effective Information Security strategy which can be difficult without dedicated security talent. Our team offers security program management services that are a blend of program management and technical assessments to allow organizations to make better decisions that executives can understand and support. ​

Our Services Include

  • ​Virtual CISO​

  • Business Consulting ​

  • Cybersecurity Program Development​

  • Cybersecurity Policy Development ​

  • Advance Managed Security Services ​

Program Assessment & Compliance

We help organizations drive business performance and transform how they perceive and manage risk. As businesses are relying more and more on automation and IT, protecting data and system uptime is a must. Having trust and confidence in your information security program can directly transfer into improved productivity, availability, and assurance that your business can operate in an uninterrupted fashion for your employees and customers.

Our Services Include

  • ​Business Risk Assessment​

  • CMMC Readiness​

  • Maturity Assessment​

  • Compliance Assessment​

  • NIST, CIS20, SOC, ISO 27001 ​

Cyber Testing & Analysis

We help organizations complete a proper security assessment. By regularly conducting security testing and analysis on the overall environment, or more thoroughly on a specific area of focus, our team will provide a clear picture of how well your security controls and integrated defenses are performing. ​

Our Service Include

  • Cloud Security Assessment​​

  • Penetration Testing ​

  • Threat Vulnerability Assessment​

  • Web Application Penetration Testing​

  • Mobile Penetration Testing​

  • Wireless Assessment ​

  • Device Security Assessment​

  • Social Engineering Attack Campaign ​

Remediation & Optimization 

We help organizations resolve issues and then stay on track going forward. As issues are uncovered, they are quickly (and efficiently) remediated by skilled consultants who have a thorough understanding of where the organization started, where it is going, and how it plans to get there. ​

Our Services Include

  • Lean Business Consulting​​

  • Cloud Baseline Configuration ​

  • Network Architecture Design & Review​

  • Security Remediation Services​

  • Endpoint Hygiene​

  • Active Directory Review​


At Cymonix, we strive to strengthen our customers’ information security infrastructure and employees through consulting, risk assessments, penetration testing and defensive security services. 


Our team of experts have worked with  Fortune 500 companies, State and Federal agencies, midsize manufacturers and other companies looking for cybersecurity services, entrusting  us with their security needs.

Committed to a better way

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