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Cymonix IQ + is for IT SecOps Teams


We are reimagining intelligence, hunting and response, by delivering intelligence-led solutions to Threat Intelligence, Endpoint Security and Security Operations challenges. Modern IT operations and security teams need to embrace collaboration and communication to stay ahead of their rapidly evolving threat environment. 


IT security teams are facing a rapidly evolving threat landscape and an ever-expanding attack surface. This results in your security team being flooded with alerts about new threats while paradoxically being blind to a plethora of asymptomatic threats lurking in your environment. The Cymonix IQ + platform helps you solve endpoint security, security operations, and threat intelligence challenges. Our Fusion Center is changing the way IT and Security work. We simplify cyber by reducing your integration work through our third-party integrations. We offer a variety of pre-configured Co-Bots suited for diverse use cases and can be customized to your specific needs products that let you customize capabilities to meet your specific needs. As a Cymonix IQ + customer, you have access to a wide range of high-value services, such consulting, architecture guidance, and deployment support. These services complement and enhance our products, helping you get the most from your investment. 

  • Existing tools have not delivered on the promise to scale analyst teams and to detect threats faster and more effectively. We are reimagining how threat intelligence is delivered and used by security teams to overcome challenges in scale, speed and effectiveness.

  • Security teams leverage our intelligence-led technology and services to proactively hunt for, detect and respond to their ever-evolving cyber threat environment.

  • We believe our customers achieve better cybersecurity outcomes when silos are broken down and internal and community collaboration is enabled.

  • Security teams are embracing agility and interoperability to reduce coverage gaps, enhance speed to resolution, and improve business outcomes.

Our customers’ proactive cybersecurity needs are supported by a partner ecosystem of the world’s premier technology and services providers and by our design philosophy which embodies the flexibility and interoperability of open standards and our active participation in the open-source community. We enable you to face your security and compliance challenges head on. 

The Visibility Issue

Surveys consistently show that visibility across the entire infrastructure is a persistent and growing issue. This is due to an inability to keep up with ever-changing infrastructure and a concurrent lack of sufficient telemetry to cover the breadth of devices and/or the depth of data collection.

The Threat Hunting Concern

Security teams are overburdened with alerts, generally based solely on IOCs which are difficult to correlate and result in too many false positives.

The Interoperability Difficulty

The typical security team has too many security tools – an average of about 20 and 60 for small- and mid-sized organizations, respectively, and over 130 for large organizations, according to a recent survey – which results in too many gaps in coverage, too many screens to monitor, and too many manual processes.

The Burnout Worry

Overburdened security teams results in burnout, causing experienced team members to consider changing careers or leaving their job. This not only adds to the stress of the remaining team but also puts the organization at risk of a devastating attack.

The Collaboration Obstacle

The inability to easily and effectively collaborate with peers – both within the organization and across the industry – means defenders are left fighting solo battles against coordinated attackers.

The Alignment Challenge

Businesses are rapidly looking to digitally transform in search of more efficiencies and profits.  Security teams do not feel they are sufficiently aligned with the rest of the business because it is difficult for teams to manage the expanding attack surface. 




To handle the expanding attack surface and evolving threat landscape, you must quickly and effectively convert massive volumes of raw telemetry data into actionable insights. This process is critical for equipping your defenders to hunt for, detect, and respond to threats in your environment. To obtain this actionable insight, you need a solution that will:

  • Weave intelligence throughout the platform to inform threat analysts and hunters alike about “known knowns” as well as elusive and sophisticated unknown threats lurking in your environment.

  • Move beyond IOCs by focusing on TTP-based alerts that improve hunting and detection of critical threats and avoid overwhelming your SOC team with red alerts or false positives.

  • Leverage an open and flexible architecture so you can quickly integrate the solution into your existing security stack with minimal disruption to your workflow.

  • Deliver an unparalleled breadth of capabilities for quick isolation, investigation, and remediation, supported by comprehensive, low-impact monitoring of Windows, macOS, and Linux endpoints – as well as cloud workloads.

  • Provide a collaborative approach to data sharing and case building to democratize and improve skills across your SOC and SecOps teams. 

  • Create ecosystems with Customers, Partners, and Vendors for better collaboration.




CYMONIX IQ + helps you mitigate risk from cyberattacks. The platform comprises a range of analyst- and responder-centric products and services that allow you to:

  • Operationalize threat intelligence. Reimagine delivery and use of threat intelligence to overcome challenges in speed, scale, and team effectiveness.

  • Power threat hunting, detection, and response. Leverage our intelligence-led technology and services to proactively hunt for, detect, and respond to changing threats to your environment.

  • Accelerate collaboration. Create collaborative environments internally and with outside organizations while retaining complete control of your data. Expand opportunities to create and contribute to unique cyberthreat knowledge bases.

  • Leverage open and extensible technology. Built on open standards and technologies like STIX & TAXII for reliable intelligence exchange and cypher queries for cutting-edge endpoint visibility. Take advantage of our extensive catalog of prebuilt Data Collectors, Recipes, and Co-Bots to simply work, upscale your workforce, and identify risk fast so you can close gaps in security. 



Identify and stop threats faster by improving your hunting, detection, and response efforts with:

  • Multiple sources of threat intelligence that are built in and work together to inform automated analysis for more reliable detections and fewer false positives.

  • Reliance on TTPs and context, not IOCs alone, to achieve detections earlier in the attack cycle and accelerate time to resolution.

  • Smooth integration of capabilities into your existing workflows, dashboards, or other toolsets for reduced training time, user fatigue, and tool overload.

  • Detection and extensive remediation capabilities supplied by fewer tools, helping to streamline your security stack.

  • Easy collaboration across your SOC, your red, blue, or purple teams, external organizations, and the industry as a whole.

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